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Breakthrough innovation for more deep sleep

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to your health and well-being and makes you a different person. You wake up full of energy and feeling more positive, day after day.

Technogel® is the first and only brand of gel mattresses and pillows with a thick layer of pressure-reducing and heat-regulating gel. Revolutionary and clinically proven to make you sleep better.

The best sleep ever!

With Technogel®, you enjoy a more efficient uninterrupted night’s sleep. No more waking up due to heat or searching for a comfortable position. Clinical research* shows that the thick layer of Technogel® helps you fall asleep faster and extends quality deep sleep by up to 45%.

Discover Technogel® mattresses and pillows!



With a Technogel® mattress, you are investing in your well-being. Our formula for high-quality sleep without compromise is based on a unique, patented gel technology.
Technogel® deforms in three dimensions, allowing it to mold perfectly to your body in any position and release tension for a restful sleep. The pleasantly cooling effect of the gel combined with the patented tower design makes Technogel® mattresses champions when it comes to temperature regulation. This results in unique customised sleep comfort.
Multiple clinical studies have shown that our gel lowers body temperature, allowing you to sleep deeply for much longer and thus have an even more restful night.


The perfect pillow is not just soft or firm, it feels like it was made for you. Technogel® pillows gently support your head and neck while providing relief exactly where it is needed. Numerous clinical tests by prestigious universities and research partners confirm that Technogel® pillows have a positive impact on the body and well-being. Annual certifications and classifications as biocompatible and free of harmful substances by the Hohenstein Institute and Oeko-Tex® underline our claim of high quality for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Your comfort starts here.



After all — nothing feels better than a good sleeping experience.

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The advantages of Technogel® for daily well-being:

Following the tradition of innovation, Technogel® is the first and only mattress brand with a patented thermoregulating gel layer. Technogel® has revolutionized the mattress industry, providing a unique ergonomic support function with a proven positive impact on sleep quality!