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Technogel® is a unique, plasticizer-free gel material distinguished by its ability to deform three-dimensionally. It behaves like a liquid with the shape memory of a solid. The non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic material is skin-friendly and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (98.0.2425) certified, approving use for direct skin contact and newborns. In addition, Technogel® has flexible, moldable, adhesive and shock-absorbing properties, and thanks to its 3D forming properties, it distributes pressure evenly. In addition, the color and Shore hardness can be customized, making it suitable for damping, vibration damping, sealing and shock absorption.


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Key benefits



The 3D deforming properties of Technogel® provide the perfect balance of comfort and support while allowing natural movement.


Technogel® can be produced in any color and adjusted in intensity from transparent to opaque. The company’s main color is Technogel® light blue.


Technogel® is non-toxic and is used in a variety of medical products. The gel is odorless, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful substances.


Technogel® naturally has a high heat capacity that absorbs and dissipates heat. The distinctive tower grid design promotes airflow, maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Technogel® combines the most advanced manufacturing technologies with Italian craftsmanship and German engineering.



Technogel® products are certified by independent and renowned institutes such as Oeko-Tex, PFI and Bio-mechanic.



Technogel® products undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and durability.



Technogel® and its B2B customer have designed several ergonomic products to provide the best balance of design, comfort and relaxation.



We specialize in developing customized B2B products where our partner can also use Technogel® branding.



Tests at PFI in Pirmasens/Germany have shown that Technogel® has the best rebound compared to other materials such as EVA, foam, silicone leather and cork.



The natural adhesive properties of Technogels® can be incorporated into the design and are repairable with water.



Technogel® can be customized in any geometry, can be dyed and can be used for many different applications.

Pressure-relieving 3D support

Technogel® molds like water, but offers the support of a solid material. It uniquely responds to your body, relieving pressure without restricting movement. Unlike foam, our gel gradually adapts in all directions to distribute your weight evenly from head to toe. It relieves tension and ensures proper spinal alignment while providing natural range of motion.

Research has shown that lying on a thick top layer of Technogel® relieves more pressure than a standard foam mattress or memory foam mattress. Because unlike foam, Technogel® forms gradually in all directions (up/down, right/left, etc.) to distribute weight evenly. This makes you feel like you are lying on the mattress and not on the bed. This is good news, because fewer pressure points is correlated with better blood circulation and less waking up with numbness or aching joints. Technogel® makes a decisive difference: It is the perfect combination of comfort and ergonomic support.


Thanks to the thermal properties of this patented gel, body heat is dispersed to create a comfortable sleeping environment. An innovative tower grid design also promotes airflow to improve thermoregulation.

When your circadian rhythm causes a decrease in physical activity and temperature to facilitate resting, the body generates fluid in the form of sweat. The conductivity and high density of Technogel® dissipate the heat released in this process, keeping you cool (while the tiny air chambers in foam retain and release body heat to the environment).

If you have sleep problems because you are too hot or too cold, you know that temperature makes the difference between rested and restless. Sleep researchers have also shown the link between temperature and better sleep quality. So avoid waking up hot and sweaty; stay relaxed and comfortable, and sleep well.

The best sleep ever! - Clinically proven*

Technogel® conforms to the contours of your body, giving you a sense of comfortable support and the unique thermoregulation properties that maximize your sleep experience. Enjoy clinically proven deeper sleep with products from the pioneer in gel mattresses and pillows. You can finally say goodbye to all those uncomfortable nights!

Clinical tests have shown that Technogel® mattresses significantly reduce heart rate. This is due to the significantly lower core body temperature (CBT) attributed to its unique thermoregulatory properties. This results in deeper sleep during the night and improved health for the body and mind. Moreover, sleeping on a Technogel® mattress has been shown to have a positive impact on sleep continuity, allowing one to wake up refreshed.

*International study published in the prestigious international scientific journal “Physiology and Behavior”; this study was the result of a collaboration between the Medical Center of Sleep in Turin, led by Professor Alessandro Cicolin.