Estasi mattress

Wake up inspired on the first and only brand of gel mattresses with a thick layer of Technogel® that adapts perfectly to the body.

Available in 3 different comfort variations: Estasi soft for side sleepers or for those who prefer a soft, cozy bed. Estasi medium for those who prefer smooth comfort with more support. Estasi firm for those in need of firmer supportive sleep comfort.

Key benefits & features


Targeted support

Unique 5-zone design with additional buffer for shoulders and hips and targeted lower back support. That way you’ll be comfortable as soon as you get into bed and stay that way until it’s time to wake up.

3D deformation

Technogel® adapts like water but offers the support of a solid material. It gradually and uniquely adapts to your body contours. Reduce pressure points without restricting freedom of movement.

Cool by matter and design

The high thermal conductivity of Technogel® dissipates heat away from your body. In addition, the innovative gel pattern enhances ventilation and thermal regulation of the mattress.

Deeper sleep begins here

Clinical tests* show that Technogel® shortens light sleep by up to 33% and prolongs quality deep sleep by up to 45%. *by the University of Turin at the hospital Le Molinette, Italy

Healthy details

Technogel® is the only polyurethane gel without plasticizing oils – it is non-toxic, virtually odorless and does not harden or soften with temperature or age. It is biocompatible and a resilient, soft-solid gel.

2 layers, 1 unique feeling

Estasi mattresses come with a removable winter cover for extra warmth. Remove the winter cover to take full advantage of the cooling effect of Technogel®.

Product details

A thick layer of Technogel helps you stay comfortable and cool. A unique 5-zone design provides extra padding at the shoulders and hips and targeted lower back support. This personalized lighting makes Estasi Soft particularly popular with side sleepers or people who like a soft, cozy bed.

Instead of tossing and turning until you find a comfortable position or waking up sweating from the heat, fall asleep and enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted sleep with the most invigorating stages of sleep.

You can enjoy refreshing sleep night after night with Estasi, the ultimate gel experience. But, feeling is believing. Find an authorized seller of Technogel® mattresses and visit a store near you to discover something more exceptional than the rest.

  • 25 cm total thickness
  • Technogel® layer 1.7 cm thick
  • Ergonomic design
  • Designer look with thin and thick zippered covers
  • 20-year warranty after registration: 5 years full + 5 years 60% + 5 years 40% + 5 years 20%