Enjoy blissful sleep every night with the ultimate gel experience from Technogel®. The Piacere mattress combines a layer of Technogel® with a unique tower pattern to support the entire body. Here special attention is paid to the shoulders, hips and lower back.

Key benefits & features


Custom pressure relief

Technogel® of 1 cm fully adapts to the body, providing
unseen pressure relief and comfort. The towergrid structure of the gel guarantees optimal ventilation. The Hybrid Foam provides complete support, due to its symmetrical and ergonomic drop-shaped cutouts in the shoulder and pelvic areas.

Personalized 3D support

We call it 3D distortion. You will call it the best night’s sleep ever. Technogel® adapts like water, but offers the support of a solid material. Pressure points reduce significantly without restricting freedom of movement. Unlike foam, Technogel® deforms in all three directions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) and adapts perfectly to your body contours from head to toe. So you sleep without pain, without pressure and without worrying about poor sleep position. Technogel®is the perfect combination of comfort and ergonomics.

Thermal regulation

The high thermal conductivity of Technogel® dissipates heat away from your body. You maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night. In addition, the innovative tower pattern of the gel layer promotes ventilation and thermal regulation and guarantees a refreshing and relaxing feeling. The more comfortable your body temperature is, the deeper you sleep.

The best sleep ever - Clinically proven

With Technogel®, you enjoy a more efficient uninterrupted night’s sleep. No more waking up from the heat or searching for a comfortable position. Clinical research* shows that the thick layer of conforming and thermally regulating Technogel® puts you to sleep 33% faster and extends quality deep sleep up to 45%.
It’s worth it!

Produced organically

The interlayer in Naturalis Foam is eco-friendly and sustainable, as fossil materials are largely replaced in the production process with sustainable vegetable Castor oil. That natural oil supports the body in a unique and highly efficient way.
All foams used are produced CFC free and meet the Oekötex 100 standard.

Unique cover

The cover features hygienic Purotex® and temperature-regulating Adaptive®. In addition, the moisture-regulating properties of the Tencel cover enhance the benefits of Technogel®.

The Technogel® Piacere comes with an optional removable winter and summer cover. Remove the winter cover to further utilize the cooling effect of Technogel®.

Product details

*International study published in the prestigious international scientific journal “Physiology and Behavior”; this study was the result of a collaboration between the Medical Center of Sleep in Turin, led by Professor Alessandro Cicolin and the Chronobiology Center of the University of Basel.

  • 21 cm thick
  • Technogel® layer 1 cm thick
  • Available in 2 different comfort variations: Piacere medium for a supple lying comfort and Piacere firm for a firm feel
  • Suitable for adjustable bed bases
  • 15-year warranty after registration: 5 years complete + 5 years 60% + 5 years 30%
  • 2-year warranty on mattress cover