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A good night’s sleep makes you a different person. You wake up full of energy and feel more positive throughout the day. And when the morning is invigorating, you get inspired. Technogel® has revolutionized cool, comfortable support that is scientifically proven to help you sleep better. It is the first and only brand of gel mattresses with a thick layer of conforming Technogel®. No more disturbed sleep due to sweating or searching for a comfortable position! Enjoy uninterrupted sleep faster-up to 33% faster falling asleep and up to 45% more deep sleep according to clinical tests!

At Technogel®, we don’t just want to make the best mattress or pillow; we want to make sure you can fully enjoy life


Ergonomic design

All Technogel® pillows are ergonomically designed, focusing on proper alignment of the head, neck and spine.

Versatile for every sleeper

Technogel® pillows are available in different heights from 7 to 17 cm. Match the height to your sleeping position and body type or shoulder width.

Enhanced air permeability and cooling

Air tunnels support Technogel® ‘s natural high thermal conductivity, keeping you cool, comfortable and deep asleep.

Soft, removable cover

The soft cover provides that extra touch of luxurious coziness. Remove them to take full advantage of the cooling effect of Technogel®.

Mattress collection

Estasi mattress

A mattress like no other

The unique combination of quality foam with the luxury of a 1.7 cm thick layer of Technogel® that adapts to the body provides unprecedented pressure relief and comfort.

Price: €1899

Toplaag met 1,7 cm Technogel®

Gerichte ondersteuning met 5 zones

Soft, medium & firm comfort

Levante mattress

Innovative design with asymmetrical support

The Levante mattress combines an extra-thick layer of Technogel® with a unique tower pattern with an assymetrically placed support for extra shoulder room. Your body is perfectly supported without annoying pressure points.

Price: € 1699

Toplaag met 1,7 cm Technogel®

Gerichte ondersteuning met 5 zones

Medium & firm comfort

Piacere mattress

Sublime sleep experience

The unique 1 cm Technogel® layer fully adapts to the body, providing unprecedented pressure relief and comfort. The Hybrid Foam provides complete support, due to its symmetrical and ergonomic drop-shaped cutouts in the shoulder and pelvic areas.

Price: €1449

Toplaag met 1 cm Technogel®

Kern in hybrid foam

Medium & firm comfort

Soffio mattress

Sublime feeling of relief and relaxation!

The Soffio mattress combines an innovative layer of Technogel® with a custom support layer with extra attention to shoulders, hips and lower back. The unique 1 cm layer of Technogel® fully adapts to the body and provides unprecedented pressure relief and comfort.

Price: € 1149

Toplaag met 1 cm Technogel®

Kern van adaptief ademend schuim

Medium & firm comfort